Escape From Tarkov Server Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! How do I use this site?

Whenever someone reports that they are having an issue with one of the categories in Escape From Tarkov, we log it and show it on the graph.

If you are experience any issues with EFT yourself, please click the button that best describes the issue you're having. Tell your friends to do the same. The more people that use the site, the more helpful it will be to everyone in the Escape From Tarkov community.

Usually, the presence of even a few reports can indicate that something is happening server side (especially if it just started happening), and not just on your end.

If there are no issues reported recently, but you are experiencing a problem, submit a report! You may be the first person to report the issue. It is also possible that it is just on your end, so it can pay to check back in 5 minutes or so to see if there have been any other reports.

Why can't I report an issue?

There is a timer that prevents us from logging reports from the same user back to back to prevent spam reporting. We do this to make sure the data is more accurate and that one user cannot make it seem like many people are having a problem when they are not.

If you have recently reported an issue for one of the categories, you will not be able to report again until the timer has elapsed for that given category. This should be indicated by the button.

If this is not the case, and you seem to be unable to report for a different reason, please reach out to me via the Contact Page, on Discord, or on Twitter.

Doesn't BSG have their own status page?

Yes! Escape From Tarkov now has an official status page as well, and I would recommend using both! is community driven, and is usually much more reactive to the current real-time situation. To show up on the official status page, the issue must be noticed / identified by BSG. For that reason, you will usually see users reporting problems here before anything shows up on BSG's status page or Twitter feed.

That being said, once it is noticed by BSG and especially if the cause has been determined, there can be a lot more detailed information on any issues that Tarkov is currently experiencing or previously experienced on the official status page. The embedded Twitter feed for @bstategames can sometimes give some insight into current issues that have already been identified as well.

How can I tell if an issue is on my end?

You've come to the right place! Most of the time, if the Escape From Tarkov servers are having problems, there will be multiple reports on this site showing that others are experiencing issues. If there aren't any other reports yet, or you think that it might be on your end for any reason, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to find out.

If you think it might be an internet issue on your end and you're on Windows (otherwise you might have to look up the equivalent commands), start a command prompt and enter the following command:

ping -n 100

Once that completes, look at results to see if you have an major variances in latency or any packet loss. These can indicate an issue with your internet.

You could also try a speedtest (I personally use, but there are tons of sites for speedtests) to see if your speeds are what you would expect based on the internet speeds that you are paying your ISP for.

If there does seem to be an internet connection issue, check to see if there are any outages in your area with your ISP. If there are no outages, reboot your modem and router and then repeat the above troubleshooting steps to see if the problem has been fixed.

If the problem is fixed, do a little dance, jump back in Escape From Tarkov to celebrate, and go get that loot! Then, toss a coin to your tech support for helping you out <3

I found a problem on the site, what can I do?

Nice! Let me know what you found and hopefully I can get it fixed ASAP. You can contact me via the Contact Page, on Discord, or on Twitter and let me know.

How can I help / support the site?

If you're looking to help financially, you can Donate via PayPal. Otherwise, you can just use the site and spread the word. The more people that use the site, the better it is.

If you have suggestions for improvements, let me know through the Contact Page, on Discord, or on Twitter.