Escape From Tarkov Server Status

Is Escape From Tarkov down? Are the servers lagging?

See what the community says and tell us what you're experiencing.

This site has no association with Battlestate Games. It is run independently as a tool to help out the Tarkov community.

The following graphs show all issues reported within the last 5 hours for the EFT Authentication, Game, and Inventory Servers respectively.

If you are experiencing any issues in EFT yourself, simply click the corresponding button to let the community know! <3

Authentication Server

There have been a total of X reported auth
issue(s) in the last 5 hours.

Game Server

There have been a total of X reported game
issue(s) in the last 5 hours.

Inventory Server

There have been a total of X reported inventory
issue(s) in the last 5 hours.

Thank you for helping out the EFT community!

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you're the only one having server connection issues or glitchy / laggy gameplay or inventory management. It helps to know if others are experiencing the same problems you are.

The community usually runs into the problems before a game developer even knows that one exists, so there usually won't be an official statement right away. However, a spike in people reporting issues is usually a good sign that there is something wrong with a service.

Please tell your friends and fellow EFT players about this website. The more people that use it, the more helpful it will be to you and everyone else.

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